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  2. 歡迎訪問,中國低碳網!
    中國低碳網  低碳經濟第一門戶
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    • China Low Carbon Network - China's gateway to a low carbon economy

      Properties: The promotion of public welfare-based platform for

      Purpose: build a low-carbon society low-carbon economy

      Location: From the popular idea of starting low-carbon, combined with industrial development, and urban community-building, make China a low-carbon catalyst for the field of

      1, To use the Internet as the basic platform, online or offline actively promoting policies and activities of relevant national, universal concept of knowledge, low-carbon, low-carbon home and abroad to communicate information;
      2, To encourage and work together all walks of life, associations, enterprises actively engaged in low-carbon public welfare undertakings, promoting China's enterprises, civil society and government departments, international organizations, positive interaction;
      3, Publicity and promotion in all aspects of China's low-carbon industry, the latest developments and achievements, promoting low-carbon technologies, projects, products, services, multi-well development;
      4, To promote low-carbon and cultural development, to promote low-carbon living concepts in-depth public mind, for our society to play a social transformation to a low carbon power;
      5, To promote low-carbon in the field of international exchanges and cooperation.

      Development Overview:
      Chinese low-carbon network from November 2005 by a group of concern for China's environmental protection, climate change, sustainable social development experts and scholars, leaders launched the first in China's popularization of low-carbon and low-carbon composite economic research of the Internet platform.

      December 2007 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, published an exciting road map, China's low-carbon network decided to expand the content, optimize the structure, and won the capital, business insight and responsive support; in January 2008, the first Chinese Harmony City Forum will be "low carbon" and "harmony" with the key words listed as China's low-carbon network was encouraged by dozens of mayors and expectations to determine the "build a low-carbon city" as the site of a historical responsibility incumbent upon .

      In response to 17 large, eleventh, and two Ministry of Environmental Protection, the National Energy Board to establish a new after a good situation, in order to meet the new face of new content "65" World Environment Day, China's low-carbon network in accordance with "flexible transformation of functions a comprehensive development "the spirit of the instructions, the closing day of the two organizations already engaged in revision to upgrade and further expansion of social service functions; in all staff for their hard efforts, the Chinese low-carbon network in April 22, 2008 the first day of the success of Earth Day 39 revised, 0804 version introduced a new domain name launch easy-to-spread www.descargaswow.com, and to April 22 the official day as the site built .

      Agency settings:

      China's foreign cooperation in low-carbon network includes the following features departments: Information Center, a low-carbon Industry Promotion Center, public welfare department, members of the Department.

      China's low-carbon net based the following organizations: Advisory Board, Academic Committee, the Council, Panel of Experts.

      Network initiated by China's low-carbon non-entities, institutions, including: low-carbon technology development and investment and financing center, low-carbon industry alliance, low-carbon urban and industrial park planning and construction research group, International Club and other low-carbon.

      Academic General Counsel:
      Zhangkunming : The State Environmental Protection Commission under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Tsinghua University doctoral tutors, professors, former deputy director of the State Environmental Protection Administration Xiabao The State Environmental Protection Commission under the Ministry of Science and Technology, Tongji University, visiting professor, director of China Environment Federation, UNEP's first representative in China

      Editor:Lin ling

      Deputy editor:Zhanghongyin Wangliming

      Public Image Ambassador:
      Hui-Jun Zhang CCTV-known host, the former Phoenix TV host Miss World 2003
      Sha Bin Yang of the Central People's Broadcasting Station-known hosts 14th annual session of the World Miss Tourism Queen contest finals tourism and cultural ambassador

      Security Support: China Computer Forensics Research Group